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Happy Fathers Day To My Husband

Happy Fathers Day To My Husband To my amazing husband, We may not share any biological children together but you deserve an amazing fathers day! You put your daughter above your feelings, your money, your pride and your world. Through the very stressful situation we have gone through getting to a place where you are able to be a father to your daughter, you have continued to put my two children on your list of priorities just as high as your own daughter. You financially and emotionally Read More

Homemade Gift For Mom

Homemade Gift For Mom As my moms birthday approached this year I had the same problem I always have...You can't buy her anything because she has everything she could ever want! You can't buy her soaps and lotions because she makes her own all natural everything. She doesn't wear jewelry, doesn't carry a purse, she rarely paints her nails...she is way to easy going for a quick, standard female gift. So, I decided to make her something that she could use! Everyone loves a homemade gift! I Read More

The Orlando Mass Shooting – A Christians Rant

The Orlando Mass Shooting - A Christians Rant   Before you start...please check out the Gofundme page and your local blood drives that are contributing to this devastation. Then, come back and get pissed off with me! Are you sitting down? You should be and here is why...some people are HAPPY about the mass shooting!!!! Yes, happy, I told you to sit! Saturday Night, Sunday Morning; 2am, Omar Mateen opened fire at the Pulse night club in Orlando Florida. He killed 50 people Read More

What Gymnastics Taught Me

What Gymnastics Taught Me I wanted to write about gymnastics because, it excites me! What I want to tell you about gymnastics is how it makes me feel and what I've learned so far. I have been in gymnastics for 1 year. The hardest trick so far that I have learned is called a fly away. // A flyaway is when you are on a very high bar with a foam pit under you and you swing all the way forward, then let go, then back flip into the pit going all the way down. The easiest trick Read More

An Open Letter To My Ex Husband

An Open Letter To My Ex Husband We got married to fast and had a perfect little baby together. We weren't meant for each other, we are complete opposites, hence the word, Ex Husband. We made each other miserable most of the time... Naturally it all ended with a divorce, but we did it like pros! We stayed positive and friendly. I filled out all of the paperwork for the divorce and the parenting time schedule for our child. You came over, read it and signed it. No lawyers, no mediators, no Read More

How NOT To Act This Fathers Day

How NOT To Act This Fathers Day Fair warning here...this is a rant. This is me telling you about something that pisses me off! Soo I'm scrolling through Pinterest checking out some step dad gifts for the kids to make for my husband....can I just say: If a child has a step dad it doesn't automatically mean they don't have a good real dad. Even if the child's real dad sucks at being a dad...making a craft stating that step dad is way better than real dad or thanking step dad for stepping Read More

Fathers Day Crafts

Fathers Day Crafts It is time to get busy on your fathers day crafts! In our home we have 4 dads to make crafts for! I have Aaron's dad, Josh's dad, My husband who is also McKenzie's dad and McKenzie's step, we will be busy! We are big believers in celebrating every male who acts like daddy in their life! Yes, my husband will be involved in helping his daughter make a fathers day craft for her step father! Her step father raises her as if she was his own when my husband isn't there, Read More

What is a Mandala?

What is a Mandala? Free Mandala coloring page below! A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. In common use, "mandala" has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is in the Read More

My Second First Date With My Husband

My Second First Date With My Husband and The Things We So Often Forget I knew my husband was planning to take me on a date tonight but I had no idea what we are doing. I knew that we would have to take separate cars so that had me baffled! Then around 10 am today, he sends me a text. "Hey, I'm wondering if we can finally meet tonight. I love talking to you on the phone but want to take it to the next level so bad. I was thinking that if you come pick me up at my house we can go grab dinner Read More