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10 Reasons I Let My 8 Year Old Carry A Stuffed Animal

10 Reasons I let my 8 year old carry a stuffed animal Recently my 8 year old son asked us to buy him a stuffed bunny to match the one his 4 year old step sister carries around. Although my husband was not overly excited about the idea, I bought him the stuffed bunny. Now, he carries it everywhere he goes! He has named him Geoffrey and he spends time talking to him and "feeding him". When he wants to bring Geoffrey into the grocery store, my husband is reluctant to allow it but I am Read More

Natural Remedies – Sleep and Anxiety

Salt and Sugar for Sleep and anxiety Does the title of this blog make me sound crazy? Salt and Sugar for sleep and anxiety.... I think it sounds crazy!   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Salt, and sugar, are not recommended in large quantities because of its potentially harmful properties, but it does still have a positive side. A special role in human health has a combination of sugar and salt, explains Matt Stone, the American health researcher and Read More

Favorite Essential Oils

My Favorite Essential Oils I have so many favorite Essential Oils that when someone ask me, "Whats your favorite essential oil?" I struggle to answer. I have essential oils that are my favorite because I use them everyday, I have favorite because of the changes they have made in my life, I have favorites because of smells, my list of favorite just keeps growing! So, Im going to show you a couple of my favorite essential oils today! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || Read More

Better Sleep with Essential Oils

Better Sleep with Essential Oils Sleep evades me....unless it is 3pm. Every night I lay in bed awake thinking about the next day and every day I slum around thinking about sleep that night. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Thankfully, I now have an oil for that! Actually, not just one oil. There are, in fact, numerous essential oils for better sleep. Now I fall asleep so easily and stay asleep all night! I had to write this so you could have the same sleep Read More

Does Lavender Really Help You Sleep

Does Lavender Really Help You Sleep? Its been known for ever that spraying a lavender linen spray on your bed or giving your baby a lavender scented bath will help with sleep. But, does it really help with sleep? I have soaked my sheets in this lavender linen spray and all I ever got out of it was a nice smell. I also always gave my babies baths with lavender scented soap and I can't say that my kids were the best sleepers....   So why is it a known "fact" that lavender helps Read More