How NOT to act on
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How NOT To Act This Fathers Day

How NOT To Act This Fathers Day

Fair warning here…this is a rant. This is me telling you about something that pisses me off!
Soo I’m scrolling through Pinterest checking out some step dad gifts for the kids to make for my husband….can I just say:

  1. If a child has a step dad it doesn’t automatically mean they don’t have a good real dad.
  2. Even if the child’s real dad sucks at being a dad…making a craft stating that step dad is way better than real dad or thanking step dad for stepping up when real dad couldn’t etc…is never appropriate!!!
  3. Please do not have your kids make their step dad crafts that say dad on them…unless they actually call them dad!

If you have ever read any of my family centered blogs you know that we have a very interesting dynamic in our house. I have 2 boys with 2 different dads. I have a husband who I have no kids with and who helps raise my boys. My husband has a daughter who isn’t mine…so you could say interesting… right?

Let me make a few things VERY clear:

  1. I do not agree with everything my kids dads do
  2. I do not like everything my kids dads do
  3. I do not necessarily enjoy being in the same room as their dads
  4. I’m not a fan of all of their life choices
  5. They (and I) make parenting mistakes
  6. They don’t always treat me the way I think they should and I’m probably not perfect with them either…

You will notice one common word in all 5 of those points…I. But, guess who doesn’t matter when it comes to my kids relationship with their dads…me! The single thing that matter is my children! They loves their kids and they keep them safe, everything else is between them and their dads and has nothing to do with me!

I just want to scream when parents get in the way of the other parents relationship with their children because of selfish reason like the ones above. But, I digress.

So, now I see all these crafts done by little innocent children degrading their real dads and glorifying their step dads!!! Are you kidding me?! I don’t care if their real dad is in a prison and hasn’t spoken to their children for a single minute and pays no child support, we should not be¬†teaching our children to talk about their dad in a negative manner. If your kid is older and writes something in a card all on his own, that is your child forming his own conclusions but these little kid crafts that say things like….thanks for stepping up where my real dad wouldn’t….Really?!

At what point in time did it become common practice to teach our children how to put people down…or is that something that is only acceptable if it is about their father…

Let’s not have our precious little kids crafting up judgmental, put down gifts…come on pinners! Kids love both their parents regardless of their actions…sometimes kids have a change of opinion in adulthood but that should be on their own!

This fathers day please don’t be one of the people following these pins… If your kids dad isn’t great at being dad…how about having him/her do a craft for dad and sending it to them anyways…never know what might happen…maybe dad will feel more welcome and do the right thing…why not try it?!

Rise above the drama people!

Check out some of the step father crafts that don’t talk bad about daddy…there are tons of them!

How about instead of having step dad sport this t-shirt

bad fathers day tshirt










Give him this one! Men’s Men’s Bonus Dad Gift – Best Bonus Dad Ever Shirt Large Navy
good fathers day t shirt


Instead of making it seem like being a father is an easy job and only step dads are awesome enough to do the right thing like this card says:

bad fathers day card








Maybe a card that tells him he is awesome with out putting down the position of the biological father would be a better option!



good fathers day card






Just don’t, please God don’t, let your kids write this on anything…ever!


bad fathers day quote











And please don’t forget…any adorable craft you find on Pinterest that says dad or father can always be changed to say step dad or step father! Have a happy fathers day!


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how not to act on fathers day

How NOT to act on fathers day
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How NOT to act on fathers day. Keep the negativity out of fathers day and focus on the positive!
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