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All Natural Household Cleaner

All Natural Household Cleaner Moving onto the all purpose cleaners in our homes. Let talk about some of the dangers we have sitting in our cabinets, then I will give you an alternative way to clean your home using all natural household cleaners! 3 Common Toxic Dangers in household cleaners: 2-Butoxyethanol (window & multipurpose cleaner) Risk: sore throat, narcosis, pulmonary edema, severe liver damage, sever kidney damage Ammonia (bathroom, window & jewelry cleaners) Risk: can Read More

Toxic Dangers of Household Cleaners

Toxic Dangers of Household Cleaners Lets talk for a minute about cleaning house! When I am cleaning my home, the goal is the make everything a safe, decontaminated area for my children. But, have we been doing it all wrong? When I decontaminate my house, am I using products that are going to aid in the growth of cancer cells in my family? Scary thought right! I'm going to start this series of blog post about the toxic dangers of household cleaners in your home. They are meant to help you, Read More

Favorite Essential Oils Part 2

My Favorite Essential Oils Part 2 Check out My Favorite Essential Oils Part 1! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Like I said in part 1, I have so many favorite Essential Oils that when someone ask me, "Whats your favorite essential oil?" I struggle to answer. I have essential oils that are my favorite because I use them everyday, I have favorites because of the changes they have made in my life, I have favorites because of smells, my list of favorites just keeps Read More