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My Second First Date With My Husband

My Second First Date With My Husband and The Things We So Often Forget I knew my husband was planning to take me on a date tonight but I had no idea what we are doing. I knew that we would have to take separate cars so that had me baffled! Then around 10 am today, he sends me a text. "Hey, I'm wondering if we can finally meet tonight. I love talking to you on the phone but want to take it to the next level so bad. I was thinking that if you come pick me up at my house we can go grab dinner Read More

Sex Before Marriage

Sex Before Marriage Me and my husband teach our kids that sex is for married couples only. I know, I know, its absurd....unrealistic....not the way of the world, right? Why? Why are there so many people against this idea that we should share our most private actives with our spouse? If this idea is something you don't believe in, what are you teaching your children? Are you simply just ignoring the issue or are you having talks with them about how they need to have multiple sex partners Read More

Teach Your Daughter How To Date

We have very strong beliefs on how relationships should go and many reason for our beliefs that I will write about later. Having these beliefs isn't enough, we have to teach these beliefs to our little men and woman! One practical exercise we do often is father-daughter dating! We hope that she will be so used to being treated properly that it will become easy for her to know who is worth her time when she is ready to venture into the world of dating! I am writing this post as a list of things Read More