Happy Fathers Day
To My Husband

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Happy Fathers Day To My Husband

Happy Fathers Day To My Husband

To my amazing husband,

We may not share any biological children together but you deserve an amazing fathers day! You put your daughter above your feelings, your money, your pride and your world. Through the very stressful situation we have gone through getting to a place where you are able to be a father to your daughter, you have continued to put my two children on your list of priorities just as high as your own daughter. You financially and emotionally support me and my boys as if they came from you.

You also have been nothing but kind and generous to their fathers. You have always encouraged them to love, trust and respect their fathers. You have also proven to them that they are just as much your children as McKenzie is your child. You treat them all with the same exact love and you strive not to show any of them special treat but instead you treat them all exactly the same.

You met me when you were a bachelor with limited responsibilities, you married me and instantly became a dad of 2 more kids and took on all of the emotional and financial obligations that come with them. You allow me to stay home with them while you pay the bills we all accumulated before you came along. You work hard and could do so many things with your money and your time. You have chosen to take that money and time and pour it all into me, your child and your two step children.  Your dedication to us and to your daughter amazes me. You don’t care about having a new car or new clothes, you just care that you have money for plane tickets to pick up your daughter each time you can. The sacrifices your make for her are bigger than  most fathers have to make, some would have given up through it all, you persevered.

Thank you for loving me, my children  and your daughter, more than yourself. Thank you for your daily sacrifices. Thank you for your heart, your soul and your amazing character.

You deserve the world David; all we can give you is ourselves…fortunately, to you, that is the world!

We love you with all of our hearts!

~Laura, Joshua, Aaron and McKenzie

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Happy Fathers Day To My Husband
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Happy Fathers Day To My Husband
Happy Fathers Day To My Husband - To the most amazing man I know who sacrifices everything for his children
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