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Necklace Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry by Lavender Blue

I had to feature one of my favorite things! There is a company called Lavender Blue that makes the adorable diffuser necklaces and recently they started making bracelets. These women are genius! They make adorable creations that enable you to inhale your oils all day! In the lockets on the necklaces there are little leather pieces that you put your oil on that you want to have with you all day. Their bracelets are leather as well!They come out with new designs constantly and I believe you can even make a custom order with them!!I actually stole their shop images so I could post them here for you to look at! If you love these as much as me, check them out here: Lavender Blue

Check their site to see their new stuff and to order! Like them on Facebook as well to get updates and special deals!


Find them here: Lavender Blue Website

Lavender Blue Facebook Page