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Homemade Gift For Mom

Homemade Gift For Mom

As my moms birthday approached this year I had the same problem I always have…You can’t buy her anything because she has everything she could ever want! You can’t buy her soaps and lotions because she makes her own all natural everything. She doesn’t wear jewelry, doesn’t carry a purse, she rarely paints her nails…she is way to easy going for a quick, standard female gift. So, I decided to make her something that she could use! Everyone loves a homemade gift! I wasn’t sure what I was going to make at first but i knew I wanted something wood and country looking so I started by getting wooden letters that spell MIMI (this is what my kids call her).


I have just about enough yarn to open a yarn store so I am always looking for ways to use it other than knitting. I chose a pink yarn to start wrapping my letters with. This was not as easy as I was hoping but with some hot glue about every 1/4 inch it helped keep my yarn in place. homemade gift I wrapped the pink about 3 quarters up the first letter then switched to a tan yarn. 13435424_10153644667378837_6019187065930316036_n   I loved how they were coming out so far but there were some spots that needed to be hidden some how.   mimi  

I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics (my all time favorite store) and found some cute little flowers. I hot glued them onto the exposed wood.

13432306_10153644666768837_6070420050206664611_nI found a wagon at home-depot that was exactly what I needed. I wasn’t sure what I was doing with these letters until I found this perfect wagon then I knew what I wanted! I found some colorful, cheap, hard to kill flowers (because she has a black thumb instead of green one). I hot glued the letters onto the wagon and wrapped some twine around the top. I put some soil and my plants into my wagon and I was done! I absolutely love how this homemade gift came out!

13427983_10153644664593837_8046872252531846080_n   She loves it too. She already added more dirt and played with it a bit. She noted how much work I must have done for this homemade gift and she loves how cute it is. This was a fun and satisfying homemade gift project!  

planted wagon



homemade gift

What kinds of gifts do you like to make for people?

~Laura Wright

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Homemade Gift for Mom
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Homemade Gift for Mom
This homemade gift for mom is easy and looks amazing when it's done! It takes special thought and work to show how much you love the gift receiver! I love this flower gift!
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