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Safety & Precautions

Therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living are strong and safe when used as directed. The following are some preventative precautions to help  you have an enjoyable and healthy experience using Young Living Essential Oils.

•Always test for skin sensitivity and keep a bottle of Young Living’s V-6 vegetable mixing oil or any pure carrier oil handyEssentialOilsTipsand-Safety when using essential oils. They can bed used to dilute essential oils if they cause discomfort or skin irritation. Water will make it worse!

•Read the complete label before using an essential oil.

•Please read this section regarding internal consumption before attempting.

•Keep bottles of essential oils tightly closed and store them in a cool location away from children. If a child swallows an essential oil, administer milk, honey, or another safe-oil soluble liquid such as soy or rice milk.

•ALWAYS dilute with children. If you or your child has a skin reaction, don't panic. Rub additional carrier oil on the area. Do not use oils rich in menthol (such as Peppermint) on the throw or neck area of children under 30 months.

•Beware of the sun! Lemon, Joy, & Purification (in the Premium Starter Kit) are citrus-based and therefore photosensitive. They should not be used on areas of the skin that will be exposed to the sun or UV rays within 72 hours. They may cause increased reaction to the sun. Other Young Living oils to beware of are Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, and Tangerine, among others.

•Keep essential oils away from the eyes and out of the ears. Do not handle contact lenses or rub your eyes with essential oils on your fingers. If the oils should get into your eyes, sooth with a drop of vegetable oil or carrier oil, not water.

•Oils with high phenol content (Thieves, Oregano, Helichrysum, Cinnamon, Thyme, Clove, Lemongrass, Bergamot, and ImmuPower) may damage contact lenses and irritate eyes. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses.

•Epileptics and those with high blood pressure should consult with their health care professional before suing some essential oils. Avoid Hyssop, Fennel, and Idaho Tansy oils.

 oil-drop-logo11•Before taking GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe by FDA) essential oils internally, always dilute with an oil soluble liquid like honey, olive oil, or soy milk.

•Do not add undiluted essential oils directly to bath water. They will disperse more evenly with Epson Salts or Young Living's Bath Gel Base.

•Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before using essential oils containing constituents with hormone-like activity, such as Clarity Sage, Sage, Idaho Tansy, Juniper, and Fennel.

Child Safety

•No peppermint under age 5

•No eucalyptus under age 5

•No rosemary under age 5

•No wintergreen under age 12

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