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Why I Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

Why I Drink Lemon Water Every Morning Image - I like to start my morning out as well as possible in order to have a successful day. So, I start with Lemon water. It always has lemon but sometimes I add in watermelon or strawberry. I have this awesome infusion cup that I use and I love it! I make sure that I have the entire bottle of lemon water before eating breakfast! // Here's a quick run down of why I always have lemon in my morning water: // Read More

Crunchy Taco Wrap Recipe

Crunchy Taco Wrap Recipe Here is how I came up with my crunchy taco wrap recipe! Do you ever look in your kitchen and see a few things that need to be used right away but none of them are really enough to make a whole meal? I had one of those nights! I had a few broken up tostada shells, a few burrito shells, tomatoes, lime, green onions and cilantro all that really needed to be used or they were going to end up being tossed. So, I decided to use them! What came out was this amazing crunchy Read More

Cooked Carrots Recipe

Best Ever Cooked Carrots Recipe Through my adventures of health and nutrition I am loading me and my family up with vegetables!!! The other night while cooking dinner I noticed a half a bag of carrots that were going to go bad soon. So, for the first time ever, I made carrots as our vegetable that night. Yes, first time ever, I know its terrible! Anyways, I thought, I want to make these delicious, like carrot cake! So I started thinking what goes in carrot cake? Brown sugar, cinnamon, Read More

Fried Bananas

Fried Bananas If you have been reading my post you know that I am on an adventure to health and nutrition! I am finding a way to eat or drink as many fruits and vegetables as I possibly can. I posted recently about Cinnamon Health Benefits. This is a fried banana recipe using cinnamon to help get you started on your cinnamony adventure!! This is really easy, guilt free and super yummy! Get a sliver of butter, a pile of cinnamon, a puddle of honey and one banana. // Put Read More

Cinnamon Health Benefits

Cinnamon Health Benefits As you know I have been hyper focused on my health. I am learning the amazing healing powers that come out of the plants that God gave us! So, lets talk Cinnamon Health Benefits!! Would you believe that you only need 2 teaspoons full of cinnamon each day to reap its powerful health benefits? It's true!!  Cinnamon is made by cutting the stems of the cinnamomum tree. The inner bark is then extracted and the woody parts removed from it. When it dries, it forms Read More

Why I Started Juicing

Why I Started Juicing To start my Health and Nutrition series off, I'm going to begin with juicing! This all started with the idea of juicing. I watched a documentary once about it and fell in love with the idea. Why did I choose juicing? Retrain my taste buds (because I am picky) Get a large amount of nutrients in quickly Get more liquids in Get vitamins and minerals from raw fruits and veggies with out having to eat them The number one question The number one question Read More

My Journey To Health and Nutrition

My Journey To Health and Nutrition I have struggled with picky eating since I was a little girl. My mom was far to nice to me and didn't force to many things on me that I didn't like. So, my picky eating transferred into adult hood. I order everything plain and when I cook I hardly ever cook vegetables. If I do cook vegetables its only because I want my kids to eat them but we all only have a tiny serving. I have always known that my body was lacking proper health and nutrition. I was missing Read More