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What Gymnastics Taught Me

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What Gymnastics Taught Me

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I wanted to write about gymnastics because, it excites me! What I want to tell you about gymnastics is how it makes me feel and what I’ve learned so far.

I have been in gymnastics for 1 year. The hardest trick so far that I have learned is called a fly away.

A flyaway is when you are on a very high bar with a foam pit under you and you swing all the way forward, then let go, then back flip into the pit going all the way down.

The easiest trick is a forward roll…obviously.

Before I came to gymnastics, I couldn’t front flip, I couldn’t roll, I couldn’t back roll, I couldn’t do any trick ever. All I could do was jump and “sky dive” onto the flat ground and it doesn’t hurt at all actually. I don’t know why though.


Anyways, gymnastics made me really strong! It made me go from having a 2 pack to almost a 10 pack but only an 8 pack right now and I am only 9 years old. But the most fun trick is probably the back hand spring. It is hard to decide because I do so many fun tricks. Other things I have learned are, well this is probably going to get a little confusing.

I learned a cork screw, a front hand spring, a back hand spring, a back flip, a front flip, a back roll, a front roll, the vault, the parallel bars (I hate those), the uneven bars (I love those), a round off, a perfect kart wheel, a hand stand and Im sure there is more im forgetting.

How Gymnastics Makes Me Feel

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When I think about gymnastics, I feel excited. When I go to gymnastics I feel like I am part of a group and it makes me feel also really important because I am almost the most tallest, (even thought I’m short), oldest (even though I’m young) and most flexible (I really am super flexible) and my coach says I have impeccable balance!

My coaches name is Mike…I think. He encourages me and keeps me safe. He helps me with my flips and I trust him with my life. He always makes sure I don’t break my neck. I love when he gives me a high five because it makes me feel like I’m really good at what I did. He never says mean things to us and I think he really cares. He is also very short like I am and he does the coolest highest flips ever.

One day I hope I can be in the Olympics. But also I kind of want to be a veterinarian but no spiders aloud.


Gotta Go, Bye Bye!


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