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My Second First Date With My Husband

My Second First Date With My Husband and The Things We So Often Forget I knew my husband was planning to take me on a date tonight but I had no idea what we are doing. I knew that we would have to take separate cars so that had me baffled! Then around 10 am today, he sends me a text. "Hey, I'm wondering if we can finally meet tonight. I love talking to you on the phone but want to take it to the next level so bad. I was thinking that if you come pick me up at my house we can go grab dinner Read More

The Role of the christian wife

Relationships - What we teach our children Part 2 - The role of the christian wife Here is another post that I am sure I will catch some heat for...after posting about respecting my husband there were a few people that were less impressed with the idea of respecting your man! I stand by my belief in the Bible and all that God has done for us! So, I'm moving on with part 2, The role of the christian wife! First a quick overview of the roles God has given woman in the marriage: Care Read More