The Orlando Shooting
A Christians Rant

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The Orlando Mass Shooting – A Christians Rant

The Orlando Mass Shooting – A Christians Rant

the orlando shooting a rant from a christian



Before you start…please check out the Gofundme page and your local blood drives that are contributing to this devastation. Then, come back and get pissed off with me!

Are you sitting down? You should be and here is why…some people are HAPPY about the mass shooting!!!! Yes, happy, I told you to sit!

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning; 2am, Omar Mateen opened fire at the Pulse night club in Orlando Florida. He killed 50 people and injured 53. Really, that’s all anyone needs to know to place their judgement on this idiot. I could care less that he is 29, from fort pierce, Muslim, parents from Afghanistan bla bla bla. I also don’t give a shit whether he shot and killed people at a gay club, straight club or doggy club!

Here is what I do care about, Omar Mateen, shot 103 people leaving 50 dead and 53 injured and at least 200 others with lucid, ugly memories of the worst night of their lives. The one single positive here, the cops killed him on the scene. No court, no judge, no jury.

He was sent to his death where he will receive his final judgement, the only one that matters!

Wait, did I just reference God in heaven….yes I did, that makes me christian! I love Jesus with everything in me! I believe in the bible, heaven, hell, Jesus as my savior etc…So why am I not happy about this event. Because I am christian…the real kind. Not the kind of christian that uses the bible to judge people but don’t really know anything about it and hide behind a beautiful religion to justify their self righteous actions…those people are not truly saved christians. They are just out there ruining the title, christian!

Here are the thoughts of christians who actually feel, love and understand Jesus Christ.

  • There are many sins in the bible
  • Lying, steeling, cheating, these are sins
  • I have certainly lied in my life..I am a sinner
  • Lust… that’s a sin, I get lustful…I am a sinner
  • Sleeping with someone from their same sex…this is a sin. I am not gay, but I am still a sinner
  • Sex before marriage…that’s sin…oops, I did that…I am a sinner
  • I could go on and on and on with my list of sins, thank God, thank you Jesus I don’t have to hear about my sins on the news, on social media, through protest. Thank God my sins are not against the law!
  • Gay people, they are sinners, just like me!!! They do have to hear about one of their sins constantly…that sucks!
  • I sin more than some gay people do…some gay people sin more than I do…I don’t give a single flying shit, what sin(s) they are committing! Not one shit! I love them just as I love every single one of Gods children.
  • The really good news….Jesus died for us on a cross. As long as we accept his forgiveness and believe in him, we are forgiven of our sins!

Soooo, hopefully I have made it clear that this whole, Gay people are bad people or less significant or whatever bullshit you are pulling out of your ass for the day…is nothing but bullshit.

Okay, moving on to the purpose of this post…Look at this CRAP:


 Oooookay…so now gay people are not just gay, they are also perverts?!…

Less gays, still so many idiots….



Oh yes, because God loves murder!

Oh, good for this guy, he went with the gay, Muslim, democrat angle….okay we get it, you hate everyone!



This is a church!!!!!! OMG Jesus does love you the way you are, straight, gay, bi, transgender, murderer, rapist……He loves you…what bible are these people reading!




Anyways…post like these are all over the place…seems twitter has deleted some of the post and suspended some of the accounts…good for you twitter!

Just to clear the air here…this whole post is one big pre-meditated sin. I am judging the actual shit out of these people who are anything other than saddened by this event and by how disgusting the world is today.

 We people have screwed this world up, Jesus help us!

If you are judging these idiots with me…please feel free to comment! If you are one of these idiots, please feel free to read a bible!

~Laura Wright

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the orlando shooting a rant from a christian


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The Orlando Shooting - A Christians Rant
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The Orlando Shooting - A Christians Rant
The Orlando Shooting - A Christians Rant. It may not sound very christian, but these people are idiots! How can anyone feel anything but saddened from the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando!
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