An Open Letter To
My Ex husband

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An Open Letter To My Ex Husband

An Open Letter To My Ex Husband

We got married to fast and had a perfect little baby together. We weren’t meant for each other, we are complete opposites, hence the word, Ex Husband. We made each other miserable most of the time… Naturally it all ended with a divorce, but we did it like pros! We stayed positive and friendly. I filled out all of the paperwork for the divorce and the parenting time schedule for our child. You came over, read it and signed it. No lawyers, no mediators, no fighting. We high fived on our way out of the court room because we seriously rocked our divorce better than we did our marriage. We put our child first in our broken situation. We did whatever we had to do to ensure that Aaron was number one and me and you were far under him on the priority list. We put pride, anger and disappointment under our love for our son. Six years later, our son is 9 years old and he has never in his life been confused about who daddy is, who he should love more (mommy or daddy), where daddy went or why mommy and daddy fight. We made it clear that Ex husband did NOT mean Ex Daddy. He has never been subject to any¬†emotional trauma due to our failed relationship. Over the years we have been in different relationships. I have welcomed your girlfriends into my home with open arms and you have accepted my husband into your sons life as if he has always been there. You talk to him more than you talk to me (which is great, please keep it up)!

ex husband and i

Me and the ex husband returning from Afghanistan 7 years ago!

This fathers day I felt like you deserved to hear about how great of a Dad and ex husband you are! You came into my life and took care of my son from a previous relationship as if he was your own. Now, years after the divorce, you still take care of him as though he was yours. The child support you pay means nothing to you. You pay what is required then you hand me extra money for everything both of the kids do! You even pay for half of everything someone else’s son does! You bring me, my husband, your child and someone else’s child dinner at least once a month. Last month you brought my grandma dinner too. When Aaron or Josh have any kind of life issues, I call and you come right over to help. You insert yourself into every area of their life whether I like it or not. Because of your maturity, our house has a open door policy to you. You work a lot so you don’t have a ton of time to spend with the kids like we outlined in the custody arrangement. But, that is no big deal because you know that you are welcome to knock on our door and hang out anytime. If you want to take the kids you know that all you have to do is call me when your on your way and let me know to have them pack a bag! If I ever need extra money or help with anything, I know that all I have to do is call you and let you know and if you can help, you will, every time.

ex husband teaching

The Ex husband teaching our son reading!

Because of your willingness to join me in a divorce that put our child far above ourselves, our child(ren) will never have to question your love for them. They will never worry about who to love more or who is right and who is wrong. They will be able to see me AND you for every holiday because you spend holidays in my home with me and my husband. Aaron will never have to celebrate his birthday with his dad separate from his birthday with his mom. He will never have to miss mommy on the Christmas he is with daddy or miss daddy on the Thanksgiving he is with mommy because we spend each holiday together as a very extended family. Because of our mutual love for our child, he will never have to talk to therapist about his parents terrible divorce or the confusion that came with it.

For your maturity and true love for our child, thank you and happy fathers day!

I can’t think of anyone else I would rather be divorced from! You make the perfect ex husband!

Thank you for loving Josh and Aaron more than you love your self. (I know you really love your self so it’s hard competition!) Thank you for loving Josh and Aaron more than your money, more than your pride, more than your feelings and more than the entire world.

Happy fathers day to the absolute BEST ex husband ever!


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An Open Letter To My Ex-Husband On Fathers Day
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An Open Letter To My Ex-Husband On Fathers Day
An Open Letter To My Ex-Husband On Fathers Day - What happens when divorcing parents put their kids above themselves!
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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Ex Husband”

  • Wendy Haight Miller June 9, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Beautifully written! Everyone should read this! You can feel the love in your voice… <3

  • Thats was good, but you get a lot of the credit because you’re mature as well. We’ve always made better friends (even in middle/high school). It wasn’t hard to just go back to that. Its not hard putting Josh and Aaron about, everything else is just background noise and i always love bragging about them. Seeing them both turn into the men they are becoming makes me have faith in our future knowing the natural leaders they are destined to become.

  • I don’t know if it is the hormones helping or what.. But that was beautifully written, I am glad that after everything was said and done you guys remained civil for the children. Joey you are an amazing father, and to that I say Happy Father’s Day and keep up the awesomeness!

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