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Bedwetting – A Natural Solution

A Natural Solution to Bedwettingnatural-remedy-for-bedwetting

I want to preface this one by saying, I can only post this  because my son is 7 and doesn’t read my blog! So, what happens on this blog stays on this blog! But, I needed to share our natural remedy for bedwetting blues!

Our bedwetting story:

My seven year old son, Aaron, wets the bed. He has been to an endocrinologist and a urologist and has had an ultrasound and they have decided his bedwetting is genetic. (His dad wet the bed until he was 11 (sorry Joey))

So, he wore diapers at night (which he HATED) until I switched doctors and his new doctor put him on Desmopressin. I was weary of this pill because it STOPS your body from creating urine for 12 hours….That scares me! But, Aaron was so tired of wearing diapers, not being able to have sleep over and washing his sheets. So, I let him take the pill. It worked on and off. He stopped wearing diapers to bed but still had accidents at least twice a week. He gets so embarrassed and he just hates it! This was obviously not going to stop the bedwetting!cypress oil for bedwetting

So, 3 months later, I get into essential oils. As Im learning about them I realize, there is an oil for EVERYTHING!

One day Aaron said, “Is there an oil for bedwetting?” OMG duh, how is that not the first thing I looked for!

So I jumped on Pinterest (yes this is the source for most of my oil research) and I found a pin that said to use Cypress Essential Oil, Peace and Calming Essential oil and Valor Essential Oil.

I told Aaron, yes there is an oil for that! I ordered them and he anxiously awaited their arrival (he really hates this condition).

So, night one, I rubbed Cypress Oil all over his lower abdomen and put Peace and Calming and Valor on the bottom of his fee. NO PILL, NO DIAPER!

He wakes up dry! He is so excited but I know it could be just a coincidence.

Fast Forward two weeks, he has had ZERO accidents. Yes, ZERO! This has never in his life happened!

Now, he can have sleep overs (he has his own roller ball mixture so he can apply it to himself!), he doesn’t have to wear diapers, his room doesn’t smell of urine and no pills that stop the production of urine!!!!!

OMG, what a life saver!

Oh, I forgot to mention our 2 week long stint with that worthless $100 wet alarm!

**Bonus: I am saving $740 a year by switching to oils for this condition!!!**

So, how do you get your hands on these oils? You can buy them retail through Young Living or you can purchase a starter kit, which makes you a wholesale member, and buy them at wholesale prices. The oils in the starter kit are amazing and you will need them for many other things (especially if you have kids)!

Click here and it will take you to a page that quickly shows you how to go about each option!


I felt the need to update this post since it is just over a year old!

First I have to admit that we slowly but surely transitioned into using the Cypress Essential Oil only. With out the Peace and Calming Essential Oil and the Valor Essential Oil, it still worked!

Aaron ended up using the Cypress Oil for about 7 months before we ran out of our second bottle. He still had his accidents here and there but they were rare! I am happy to say, he is no longer a bed wetter! He no longer uses the Cypress Oil and he no longer wets the bed. My only wish is that we discovered Essential Oils a long time ago!

Comment below with any of your testimonies or questions!

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A Natural Solution to Bedwetting using Essential Oils
Article Name
A Natural Solution to Bedwetting using Essential Oils
A Natural Solution to Bedwetting using Essential Oils. Cypress Essential Oil has cured my son of his bedwetting issues! Cypress is the oil for bedwetting!
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Living Wright
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29 thoughts on “Bedwetting – A Natural Solution”

  • bedwetting is fairly common in kids between the ages of 4-10. there are many ways to stop bedwetting. just the other day my friend was telling me about bedwetting alarm. she was really praising chummie bedwetting alarm. the reviews on amazon were pretty amazing too

    • We tried the bed wetting alarm and had ZERO succes. But, I too have heard lots of success from it! Cypress oil is alot cheaper than the alarm we bought though!

    • I know they work as my husband had one as a kid and I have had several friends who had success. One friend used the alarm for 3 months, one for 7, one for 18 months before the bed wetting stopped! We bought the alarm and used it for one month, he was making progress but everything else in our life was falling apart because of the lack of sleep we were getting. We have 4 kids and had to get sleep! Plus he was an emotional wreck from his lack of good sleep! So, I stopped using the alarm got a weighted blanket and rubbed cypress on his tummy night one no bed wetting! We are on night 5 and still no bed wetting! Much better than months of no sleep!

  • Did you use a carrier oil with these or did you use them neat?

  • With Valor being out of stock through Young living would recommend using Valor II or a different product in its place?

  • I think I may reread this post a couple times. Great information!

  • Are you mixing P&C with the Valor in the same bottle or using three separate bottles? Thanks I cannot wait to see if this works for my daughter.

  • What is the dilution rate for the roller balls?

    • It all depends on the oil. On the label it will tell you how many drops of carrier per drop of oil. Many of them don’t call for a carrier oil. I usually put the amount of oil the recipe calls for then fill the bottle with carrier!

      • My son is 8 and still wets. I was excited to try this but have had limited success. I am using the Cypress straight from the bottle with a roller ball and putting it on his stomach before bed time. I am wondering if perhaps I am using too much or too little. Or perhaps I need to start by using cypress and the other oils you used? Any suggestions or specific instructions you can give would be great. I have Young Living Cypress.

        • Everyone responds differently to different oils, however I have found this one to be useful for many kids! If you have the other oils around I would try them with it for sure! If you dont have them yet, they are great oils for many uses anyways! It also may take a consistent week or two to really kick in, im not sure how long you have been trying. I am so sorry you havent found success yet!

        • I would look into using oils for constipation aswell, as a lot of bedwetting is caused by a blocked colon pressing on the bladder. Check it out.

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  • Did you dilute the cypress essential oil and if so how much? And how many drops did you use on abdomen each night?

    • I put a rollerball right on the cypress bottle and he rubbed it on His abdomen himself. He would draw a big circle on his belly and fill it in.

  • This is great. I have a 7 year old son that is a bed wetter. I want to start using the oils, but want to make sure I understand how you used them. You used the 3 oils neat by applying a roller ball directly to the bottle? You applied the peace and calming and valor to feet and the cypress to abdomen? How long did you use all 3 before you transitioned the peace and calming and valor out? Thanks for your help. My son will be very excited.

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  • Thanks so much for the blog post. Awesome.

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