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12 Reasons I Always Have Tea Tree Oil On Hand

12 Reasons I Always Have Tea Tree Oil On Hand

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Tea tree, also known as melaleuca, is a favorite oil of mine. The first time I opened a bottle of tea tree oil I closed my eyes and took a nice deep breath of the aroma seeping out of the bottle…then I coughed and gasped and thought I was going to die because the smell is STRONG! However, I persevered and used it anyways and now the smell does not bother me even a little bit. Some people even enjoy the smell! I wasn’t sure how much I would use tea tree oil in the begging, now it is one I am NEVER with out! I have used tea tree to make believers of natural remedies over and over again. Its super affordable and so versatile!

Im not saying that Tea Tree oil can treat, cure or prevent any of the following issues. However, Tea Tree Oil has naturally occurring constituents called terpinene-4-ol, gamma terpinene and alpha-terpinene. Tea Tree Oil is just my way of getting my hands on Terpenes. According to studies, Terpenes have the following therapeutic uses:

  • Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth.
  • Anti-Fungal – Inhibits the growth of fungus.
  • Anti-Insomnia – Aids with sleep.
  • Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.
  • Antioxidant – Prevents oxidation damage to other molecules in the body.

Although there are a ridiculous amount of uses for Tea Tree oil, here are the top 12 reasons I always have it on hand!



    1. Athletes Foot3587
    2. Ring Worm
    3. Pink Eye
    4. Itchy rashes
    5. Black Heads
    6. Pimples
    7. Dandruff
    8. Lice
    9. Fleas
    10. Ticks
    11. Mold
    12. Cuts

    I’m not saying I have a constant problem with fungal feet, ringworm and mold….but they are good reasons to have it around! There have been each of these instances in my family and I have used Tea Tree to aid in the treatment of these ailments. Of course, the number one thing you should always do is talk to your family doctor! Here are some testimonies to the power of the terpenes in Tea Tree Oil!

    1. Athletes Foot – I was in the Army and served in Afghanistan. Guess what happened after 3 years in boots and heat….Athletes Foot! I went to the doctor and got cream and used it until it was gone, then it came back. Then I went to the doctor and got a cream, then it came back, rinse and repeat for 3  years!!!!!! 3 years I had this itchy foot that wouldn’t stop. After the serious consideration of cutting my right foot off, I tried Tea Tree Oil! First of all, it took the itch away when I applied it, then after about a week of daily application…it was gone. Even better than it being gone, it hasn’t come back! Read more about how to treat athletes foot with tea tree here.

    2. Ring Worm – I have boys, who like dirt, the wet kind, the kind that tracks mud in the house…so, we have had some ring worm incidents! Have no fear, I have Tea Tree oil! Its very helpful with any fungus! Read more about how to use tea tree oil for ringworm here.

    3. Pink Eye – Call me a mommy failure if you must, but my boys are the absolute WORST with hand-washing! I swear I tell them to wash their hands and I try to teach them, but they are terrible at it! Guess what happens when they get pink eye…I get it! I used to spend so much money trying to get rid of pink eye and it would be at least a week until relief came. Now I use Tea Tree around my eye and get instant relief and I get rid of the pink eye in about 24-48 hours! Learn more about how to use Tea Tree oil to treat pink eye here.

    4. Itchy Rashes – Did I mention I have two boys that are bad hand washers that like the mud….they get a rash here and there. This doesn’t happen quite as often but it has presented itself in our home. They don’t bother us, we can kill it over night! Learn more about how to treat itchy rashes with tea tree oil here.

    5. Black heads – Ok, this one is my issue. I am in a forever long battle with big, dirty pores! Like I said, I used to hate the smell of Tea Tree, now I love putting it right on my nose so I can feel it cleaning out those nasty pores! You can learn all sorts of tricks for facial treatments using Tea Tree Oil here.

    6. Pimples – When I wake up with a big, swollen pimple that makes me want to cry from the pain of the pressure under my skin, I put Tea Tree on it. It dries up a pimple over night and accelerates the healing process! If you clicked on the link for facial treatments, you already know how to use it for pimples!

    7. Dandruff – My husband always puts a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in his shampoo bottle when he gets a new one. He was having serious problems with dandruff until he started washing his hair with Tea Tree Oil! Learn more about using Tea Tree Oil to eliminate dandruff here.

    8. Lice – As much as I love saturating my boys heads in chemicals strong enough to kill bugs…We learned we can use a combination of coconut oil and tea tree oil to get rid of these pesky little bugs! Learn more about how to treat lice with Tea Tree Oil here.

    9. Fleas – Fleas HATE the smell of Tea Tree, they will literally remove themselves from an area that smells like Tea Tree! Learn more about using Tea Tree for fleas here.

    10. Ticks – After applying some Tea Tree Oil, the tick will let go a bit and will be easier to pull out. Then you can apply a drop of Tea Tree Oil to the spot it just came out of to help prevent infection. Learn more about how to use Tea Tree Oil on Ticks here.

    11. Mold – You can make a homemade cleaning spray and scrub off any mold you may have! Learn more about killing mold using tea tree oil here.

    12. Cuts – When my babies get scrapes and cuts, I always apply some tea tree oil to help prevent their boo-boos from turning into anything worse. Of course I typically forget to do it for myself, but I should! Learn more about using tea tree oil on cuts here.

    You can get your hands on Tea Tree Oil just about anywhere. Just be sure to really study the Tea Tree oil you decide to use. Remember that just because the bottle says 100% natural or 100% tea tree oil, it doesn’t mean it is true. These oils are NOT FDA regulated! I choose to buy my oils through Young Living because of their seed to seal process. They have their hands in every step of the distillation process and their oils have been studied by many non-biased parties and they truly do offer PURE essential oils!

    Disclaimer Notice: This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.


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    12 Reasons I Always Have Tea Tree Oil On Hand
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