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Daytime vs Nighttime Parenting

Daytime vs Nighttime Parenting

Can we talk about children and their bi-polar disposition for a minute! I have to use this moment to vent. Lets talk about parenting our kids in the daytime versus parenting our kids at night time…

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Daytime Vs Nighttime Parenting Struggles


At any point in the day, it can be a serious struggle to get water into my children. “It’s gross”, “Its plain”, “I need milk”, “I need juice”, “It makes my mouth dry”(yes I have actually heard this many times), “Its to wet”(yep I get that one too), “We only have purified water, I only like spring water”. The list can go on and on.

My kids after going to bed: “I am dehydrated, I NEEEEED water”, “My mouth is so dry, I need water”, “I can’t believe you are going to make me stay thirsty all night”, “How can I sleep when I am so thirsty”, “Do you even care about me!”


During the day: Eats half of breakfast and half of lunch. Fights to be able to leave bits of dinner on their plate. We literally go through a bargaining period every night about how many more bites need to be taken…

Bed time: “I am so hungry!” “I haven’t eaten all day!” “I cant believe you are going to make me starve all night!!!”


In the day time when I tell me children to go to the bathroom: “Mom I just went like 2 hours ago”, “I only pee like once a day mom”, “Well I was laughing so hard and I just peed in my pants”.

After putting the kids to bed: “I have to pee so bad”, “I know I just peed 5 minutes ago, I have to pee again”, “I have a small bladder mom”, “I know I peed 5 times but, I just had a bottle of water”


During the day: How was school? “Good.” Who are your friends? “I dont know.” What did you learn? “Nothing.” Talk to me “Mooooom, I’m busy.”

At bedtime exactly: “Mom, I can’t sleep because all I can think about is……(insert 2 hour long story here).” “Today I learned that…(insert 30 minutes science lesson here.” “Do you remember when….(insert 1 hour long memory here).” “Moooom, why don’t you care? All you care about is that I go to bed!”


During the day: Honey, I want to read this to you. “Looks boring.” Hey, I found this book I think you will like. “No.” You need to read. “Uggggghhhhh.”

At Bedtime: “Mommy, can you read me this story?” (Insert sad, irresistible puppy dog face here) “Can you read me a second story mommy?” “Can you read me a fourth story mommy?” “I love when you read to me mommy.” “Can I read this book while I’m going to sleep mommy?”


All day: Come snuggle with me. “No mom” Can I have a hug and kiss? “Ugggg” (this is wear my children lend me their body to hug but put no effort into actually hugging back.) Do you want to sit with me? “Its to hot mom.”

Bedtime: “Mommy, can I have another hug?” “Mommy, can you lay in bed and snuggle with me?” “Mommy, you only gave me 2 hugs and he got 3 hugs, can I have another one?” “I love you mommy.” “You’re the best mommy.”

Fears and Booboos:

All day: Attempts deadly triple back flips off of the couch. Climbs the walls to dangerous heights. Gets caught jumping from the top of the ladder onto the trampoline. Ventures into the woods by themselves. Searches for and collects bugs and snakes. Goes into the garage where there is no light so they can be in a pitch black room to play with things that glow. Gets seriously hurt and tells me about it 2 hours later when it is still bleeding. Plays in the rain. Skim boards in the ditches in the rain.

Bedtime: Terrified of the dark. Scared of bugs. Scared of the wind in the trees. Brushes elbow on the corner of the bed and screams as if they broke an arm. Can’t sleep because it is scary when it rains. That shadow is scary. The blinds are opened a tiny bit. The cat is scared of something. The closet is open…etc……

What did I miss? I am certain there are more hilarious bi-polar tendencies you have experienced! Let me know below, I must hear them!

~Laura Wright
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Parenting Struggles - Daytime vs Nighttime Parenting
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Parenting Struggles - Daytime vs Nighttime Parenting
Can we talk about children and their bi-polar disposition for a minute! Lets talk about our kids in the daytime versus our kids at nighttime...
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