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My Son Is A Model

My Son Is A Model

I am using today’s blog post to brag! I admit, every once in a while I like to brag on my babies. My son is a model! I mean, he hasn’t booked any jobs yet, but look at this guy!

my son is a model

Seriously, he is absolutely gorgeous! This kid has had a rough last year. He was diagnosed with epilepsy last April which caused somewhat of an anxiety disorder and a mild depression. If I was diagnosed with epilepsy I feel like I would have severe depression and anxiety! But not him, he cried for a moment, mentioned his fear, then sucked it up and moved on! He put a smile on his face and said, what now…
This year has been an adjustment. He has to take anti-seizure meds twice a day and we started therapy so he can learn to cope with what could be a lifelong illness. He goes into therapy each week ready to talk, learn and heal. He has his moments but he perseveres!

How does he deal?

Joshua is a very dedicated dancer with plans to dance for a living. He spends 7-8 hours at his dance studio every week learning Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Swing. The kid is amazing at dance, an absolute natural! hiphop mini freeze We went to an audition last month for dancing, acting and modeling. He wasn’t super interested in the acting and modeling but he understands the need to get into all entertainment areas as he begins his dancing career. Well, he was chosen to perform in front of agents! He will be showing off his dancing, acting and modeling skills next weekend. He has done 2 separate 10 hour practice days working towards this up coming showcase and has another 6 hour practice day coming up before the big show.

What does one need to have before meeting agents? Head-shots! Thankfully I am a photographer so I didn’t have to spend any money on a photo-shoot. Anyways, I get home, import his photos and started looking through them. Then it hit me….this kid is a model. I mean, I always knew he was gorgeous and perfect in every way but…wow… industry standard comp card All of the sudden my first born, little baby is 5’1, 116 pounds….a man…not a baby. It hit me hard. This kid is not my tiny first born child anymore. He is a man. He is tall and handsome and talented. I am proud. I am beyond proud.

I thank God everyday for my beautiful children!

Today, my little baby had something for me when I picked him up…


my sweet sonThese flowers were complete with a sweet card telling me he loves me! This talent of his is not getting to his head. He is sweet and I just love him to pieces.

Okay, enough bragging from me for the day!

Lord help me to be okay with my babies turning into men!

Check out his youtube channel! 

~Laura Wright

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My Son Is A Model
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My Son Is A Model
My Son Is A Model, a man. He is a dancer, a talented dancer! It is a hard realization when you notice that your baby is now a man.
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