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Homemade Cleaning Wipes – Chemical Free

Homemade Cleaning Wipes – Chemical Free


Chemical Free Cleaning Wipes – Thieves Household Cleaner

Another post about our chemical free adventure! The only cleaning product we have in our home is an all natural cleaner called Thieves Household Cleaner. It is made by Young Living and it is amazing! Just so you understand what I mean by chemical free…a very quick story!

My sister’s husband was about to clean their sink with a store bough cleaner. She said, “Stop!!! Don’t contaminate our sink with those chemicals!” He says, “I’m sure there are chemicals in Thieves too.” She said, “No, there really isn’t, its all natural!” So he says, “Then drink it!” She took a swig of the Thieves Household Cleaner! Guess what happened next…nothing! So, no one recommends you add the Thieves household cleaner to your daily diet but, its a safe cleaning product!

To make these chemical free, amazing cleaning wipes, you need:



    1. Thieves Household Cleaner
    2. Bottle of Water
    3. Roll of Paper Towels
    4. Container With A Lid
    5. Knife
    6. A large cup or bowl

     How to make homemade cleaning wipes:

    1. Get a container you dont mind cutting a hole in, or you can use an empty baby wipe or cleaning wipe container. Cut a small hole in the lid.
    2. Put paper towels in the container for measuring.
    3. Cut the paper towels in order to allow them to fit in the container with the lid closed. Put the paper towels back into the container.
    4. Mix together a bottle of water and one cap of thieves cleaner in a large cup or a bowl.
    5. Poor the mixture over the paper towels slowly and evenly.
    6. Pull out the cardboard from the center of the paper towels.
    7. Put the lid on the container and let it sit over night.
    8. Now you have chemical free, homemade cleaning wipes! They are cheap, and toxic free!

    Happy Cleaning!


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    Homemade Cleaning Wipes - Chemical Free
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    For these homemade, chemical free cleaning wipes, you will need: Thieves Cleaner, Bottle of Water, Roll of Paper Towels, Container with a lid, and a Knife.
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