My journey to
Health and Nutrition

Against The Grain

My Journey To Health and Nutrition

My Journey To Health and Nutrition

I have struggled with picky eating since I was a little girl. My mom was far to nice to me and didn’t force to many things on me that I didn’t like. So, my picky eating transferred into adult hood. I order everything plain and when I cook I hardly ever cook vegetables. If I do cook vegetables its only because I want my kids to eat them but we all only have a tiny serving. I have always known that my body was lacking proper health and nutrition. I was missing out on the gifts God planted all over the world!! With out proper nutrition you can guess what happens…weight gain, fatigue, sore joints, headaches, unbalance sugar levels, the list goes on.

journey to health and nutrition

Over the years I have gained and lost weight like a pro! I was in the best shape of my life after going through boot camp in the Army. Of course I had to lose weight to get in. I lost 40 lbs in 4 weeks…so unhealthy! I ate a small bowl of Special K for breakfast, a piece of grilled chicken for lunch and a salad for dinner. (and by salad i mean some iceburgh lettuce) Every time I got hungry, I ran! I could only run to the end of the street at the time, but I ran. DON’T attempt to lose weight like this! It is extremely bad for your body and all of the weight will come back quickly and with a vengeance!

health in the army

Another time I did the Dukan Diet. No carbs, no sugar. I lost weight extremely fast on this one as well. I started running again and I got so much running in I ran a half marathon!! Of course since my body was not getting proper nutrition, there were days I could not find the strength to get out of bed because I ran my body out of nutrition! Like, not mentally, I literally couldn’t move my arms and legs! Scary, right? Again, DON’T do this!!

healthy running

Another time I took Bee Pollen. Wow, this one seemed like a miracle. I had energy and I was melting away. Then, the Bee Pollen Formula changed and it no longer works. So, I was getting no nutrition while taking it and the weight came rushing back when the formula changed! DON’T do this!!

bee pollen

Anyways, I could go on for pages about how I lost weight and how it came back. One thing I would never be able to mention in a weight loss story is fruits, vegetables, mental or physical health. I always thought, why does it keep coming back, why don’t I feel better, why do I never appreciate my body, even when I’m back into high-school sized clothes. The biggest question of all, why do I find my self worth in my weight?!


My current change

It was finally time to worry about a positive self image, self acceptance, self love and health. Notice I DID NOT mention weight loss! Right now I am at my heaviest weight and I did not mention weight loss because it is NOT my goal….okay, not my primary goal, I still need some weight loss for my health… but it is NOT my focus!


I find beauty in the wrinkles around my eyes. It shows off my constant smiling! I will find beauty in every part of my body now!

My invitation to health and nutrition

I invite you to join me on my journey to health. I am 30 years old and it is time to care about what is going on inside my body. The reason I decided to write this blog today is because it has been 10 days on my new journey and I already feel so much better! I am re-training my taste buds and getting the nutrition in that my body needs. I haven’t even started with exercise yet! Well, me and my husband bought raquetball rackets for exercise…but we haven’t used them! I am down 5 lbs in 10 days and I’m not even trying to lose weight this time!

I am going to share with you my daily struggles, my juicing adventures, healthy or at least healthier than before recipes and my weight loss when I check it (which won’t be often).

The first thing I did, about a week before I started, is added a current picture of my self to the background of my phone. I thought it would be motivating but it has done something else great. I have accepted my self for who I am. I love the person I am right now!! I don’t think I have ever felt that! If you have a negative self image, I invite you to add your most current and candid (no selfie at the best angle with a beauty filter) picture of your self to you phone’s home screen. At first it was hard to look at and it made me cringe, now I look at the picture and see a beautiful wife, mother and woman who is worth the same no matter what I look like! It is the best feeling I have ever felt about my self.

I’m not sure how I’m going to organize this just yet. But, I am thinking I might make a page just for the different categories of things I am doing on my journey. I will add some links to this blog in a few days, so check back for recipes, struggles and updates! But for now, find some acceptance in yourself, the yourself of today. It’s the first and most important step!

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A journey to my past

Here is a little journey through my up and down weight battle. I was so obsessed with my weight I often forgot that I am not a number on a scale, I am an amazing wife, an awesome mother, a veteran, a loving and forgiving person and most importantly one of God’s perfect creations! I would throw a current picture of me in here, but I am “very careful to not get my picture taken”(quote from my mother). I will take one though and I will post it, because I am no longer ashamed of me!


It is time to love who you are, not what you weigh. Take a journey with me to positive self image, health and a happier life style. 


~Laura Wright

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My Journey to Health and Nutrition
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My Journey to Health and Nutrition
My journey to health and nutrition. Forget weightless, find a positive self image and get your nutrition, the weight loss with come! Join me on my journey to positive self image and nutrition!
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