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Doc McStuffins Party

Doc McStuffins Party Ideas


My step daughter loves Doc McStuffins! So I threw her an awesome Doc McStuffins Party. I had so much fun doing this party because I have boys. This is the first party I have ever thrown that consisted of pink and purple. So cute! I had to share these Doc McStuffins party ideas with you!

Doc McStuffins Party Ideas:

1. Pin the band-aid on the booboo AKA pin the band-aid on Lamby!

I got a white poster board from the dollar store and drew lamby on it. Simple! Then I took cardboard and cut it in a band-aid shape, added some dots and a heart and some double sided tape on the back and this game/decoration was done!

pin the bandiad on lamby

pin the bandaid on the booboo


2. Thermometers. My mom was not a fan of my thermometers but I thought they were cute, and they were really yummy!

I bought a bag of pretzel sticks from the dollar store, dipped them in white melting chocolate and colored some lines on them with a red food coloring pen.

edible thermometers

3. Vitamin Gummies and Lamb Drops. This was another easy one.

I used little medicine cups. I filled some of them with mini marshmallows and some of them with gummy bears. Then I put them on heart dishes and put up signs behind them. I love when decorations are also snacks!

lamb drops and gummy vitamins

4. Edible Band-aids. This is another decoration that doubles as a snack!

I bought vanilla wafers and drew hearts on them with pink frosting.

edible band-aids


5. Cotton Balls. If you look in the picture above, you can see a glass jar filled with marshmallows. These were our cotton balls!

6. Cake. I could not help my self…I had to buy this cake from Publix. Seriously, how cute is that! I am NOT good at cake decorating, so I buy most of my cakes pre decorated…

doc mcstuffins cake


7. Cupcakes. We always get a small cake and some cupcakes for the side. I arranged these in a heart to match the theme! Okay so its not a perfect heart….I tried!

doc mcstuffins cupcakes


8. Photo Booth. I always have a place to take cute pictures…I am a photographer!

I bought one of the thicker poster boards from the dollar store and I handed it to my mom and told her to please cut and color it. She did great! Then we bought a bunch of silly props from the dollar store to wear during photos!


9. Boredom Busters. I bought some foam hearts from the dollar store and some heart stickers. I set those things out with some crayons and the kids had fun making their own art!

doc mcstuffins party things to do

10. Boredom Buster 2, The bubble machine! Turn this cute bubble machine on and the kids had a blast!

bubble machine fun doc mcstuffins party


11. Cake Cutting. We let our kids cut the first piece of cake. It makes for a lot of laughs at time!

doc mcstuffins cake cutting


12. Cleaning up. Our favorite part of cleaning up is a fire! We take all of the cardboard and boxes we used and put it in a hole in the back yard and light it on fire. Then we put the balloons over the fire and they fly! Eventually they pop, but first they fly! This was also a great time to use all of those marshmallows we bought!

doc mcstuffins party clean up


Of course we also had pink and purple balloons and streamers, that’s always a must!

Let me know all of your fun party ideas!

~Laura Wright

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Doc McStuffins Party Ideas
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