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Homemade Clay Crafts

Homemade Clay Crafts

Homemade clay is my new favorite thing to use cookie cutters for! When the kids want to cut out cookie shapes it is always sticky and messy and the shapes never come out right after baking them. (I am NOT a baker!) Then they want to use frosting and sprinkles but they never want to eat them. Then we have cookies sitting around for 2 weeks before we throw away all of those terribly decorated masterpieces!

This homemade clay is the perfect replacement for cookie dough! It is not sticky, it does not make a mess, you can color on it with marker or paint it, its cheap to make and you don’t have to throw it away!! We made Christmas ornaments with our homemade clay!

Lets start with the recipe for homemade clay:

  • 1/2 cup of cornstarch
  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 3/4 cups of water
  • optional: food coloring. If you want to color your dough, add the food coloring to your water before adding your water to your mix. I did not do this due to fear of getting food coloring all over our hands and I thought it would make it harder to decorate the ornaments later!

Combine your ingredients in a medium-sized pot and stir over medium heat. You will have dough in literally 2 minutes.When it looks like smooth mashed potatoes, its done! Take it out of the pot and put it in a bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap until it is cool enough to touch.

If it feels sticky, add some cornstarch.

Now the fun part!

I rolled out some parchment paper on my dinning room table, scooped some dough in front of my kids,  handed them cookie cutters and off they went!

homemade clay

homemade clay crafts


We did hand-prints first because I wanted them, then the kids went to town with the cookie cutters! (Don’t forget to add a hole if you plan to hang it!)

clay ornaments

Now put them in the over at 175° F for ever! I think it took about 4 hours for these to dry out and harden but we did them kind of thick. So just watch them through out the day.

Now paint them!

painted clay ornatments


This process was easier than I expected it to be, there was almost no mess and clean up was a synch!

Happy Crafting!!

~Laura Wright
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