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Favorite Essential Oils

My Favorite Essential Oils

I have so many favorite Essential Oils that when someone ask me, “Whats your favorite essential oil?” I struggle to answer. I have essential oils that are my favorite because I use them everyday, I have favorite because of the changes they have made in my life, I have favorites because of smells, my list of favorite just keeps growing!favorite essential oils

So, Im going to show you a couple of my favorite essential oils today!

I will start with my newest favorite: Jade Lemon!

jade lemon essential oil


Why did I get Jade Lemon Essential Oil? I smelt my moms and loved the smell so much I needed it! This is the first time I ever bought an oil with out researching its benefits. I put it in my diffuser while I was working the day I got it. This happened during a week that I was feeling down for some reason. I was tired all the time and had a hard time smiling, I was just blue…  I realized about an hour into my work that I was wide awake and smiling. I said to my husband, “Im not sure why but I feel so much better today!” That day I got so much work done. Then I went to bed to watch some tv and plugged my diffuser in for that amazing smell again. I was laying there reflecting on the day and how happy I felt and how proud I was that I didn’t take a nap! Then I looked at my diffuser and thought…wait, what are the benefits of Jade Lemon Essential Oil? I jumped on Google and started researching! To my surprise its invigorating, energizing, uplifting and gives you clarity! This was one of those ah ha moments. I then understood my change in attitude for the day. Now, it is diffused every morning and I feel great! Plus, it still smells AMAZING!


Now I’ll move on to my favorite essential oil that I use most often: Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil


Peppermint Essential Oil comes in the Premium Starter Kit! This is the first oil I ran out of and the one I have to replace most often. Thankfully it is a very affordable oil! I feel like peppermint is the answer to everything! Hiccups, smell the peppermint! Upset stomach, smell the peppermint and rub it on your belly! Headache, put a drop on the roof of your mouth and rub it on where it hurts! Bug bite, put peppermint on it! Tired, diffuse the peppermint! Hot, put peppermint on your neck! This bottle gets used every day at my house!


Moving on…Life changing essential oils! I have a many favorite essential oils that have changed our lives! I will just go into to one set of oils to save you from reading a novel! Cypress Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil and White Angelica Essential Oil has changed my 8 yr old’s life!

White angelica essential oilHe puts these oils on himself every night before bed. Yes that is my son and those are HIS oils! He is very clear about that. He likes everyone to know that they are his and they are for him! He’s so precious! It all started with Cypress Essential Oil. He did a lot of bed wetting and not any specialist or pill could stop it! I read that Cypress can help with water retention so he started rubbing it over his bladder every night! I am happy to say that the issues slowed down instantly and after a month we no longer had a bed wetter! He has been accident free for 3 months!

Then the nightmares started. So I gave him White Angelica Essential Oil to put on his heart and shoulders. He went from every night night mares to no night mares the day we started using this oil!

I figured since he loved his oils so much, I would add in the Cedarwood Essential Oil! Why? Well, lets say he has a VERY hard time focusing on a task! Every night he puts Cedarwood under his big toes and behind his ears and his concentration levels have been consistently getting better!

Of course there are other oils he loves to use, but these three have been life changing!


Tired of reading yet? I am! I am going to leave it and here for now. My next blog will be my favorite essential oils part 2!

So, how do you get your hands on these oils? You can buy them retail through Young Living or you can purchase a starter kit, which makes you a wholesale member, and buy them at wholesale prices. The oils in the starter kit are amazing and you will need them for many other things (especially if you have kids)!

Click here and it will take you to a page that quickly shows you how to go about each option!


Comment below with any of your testimonies or questions!



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  • Such a great tip about the bed wetting!!!

  • I love this post, so informative! I love my essential oils 😀

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