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Roller-ball Remedies

Roller-ball Remedies

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Roller-balls are by far  my favorite method of applying oils.  Whether I’m treating a headache and need to apply an oil to my the temples of my forehead, or trying to treat a fresh scrape that one of my boys has just earned, the roller ball allows a nice, easy, and smooth application.  What I really like to do is make my own roller-ball blends!

So I have compiled a list to make your life as easy as mine!

A few things you need to know first:

What is a carrier oil?

  • This is an oil that you mix your essential oil with to dilute it and also to carry it out farther. You can use Young Livings v-6 oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any kind of oil you please!

How To  Assemble The Roller-ball?

  • Remove the clear plastic top that comes with your Young Living Essential Oil bottle.  Then simply set the rollerball in the bottle’s opening.  While the rollerball is not quite in place, go ahead and put the bottle’s cap on and twist until the fitment is securely in place.

How To Remove The Roller-ball?

  • The removal of the roller-ball is quite easy.  You loosely set the bottle’s cap on the end of the rollerball, Then cock the neck of the lid to the side. It will pop right out.

Where do I buy Young Living Essential Oils?

  • I have full instructions on my website, just click here!

What is the best recipe to start with?

  • If you buy the premium starter kit, you can do most of these recipes! This option is the most for you money. You get a whole list of oils and a diffuser!

Where can I buy extra roller balls?


Roller-ball Recipes

Increase focus:
25 drops orange, 20 drops peppermint, fill remaining space with carrier oil
Headache Relief:
30 drops peppermint & 15 drops frankincense, fill with carrier oil
Sinus Allergy Relief:
15 drops each lemon, lavender, peppermint, & copaiba, fill with carrier oil
Anxiety Aid:
20 drops bergamot, 15 drops orange, 15 drops lemon, fill with carrier oil
Increase circulation:
20 drops each lemongrass, cypress, & cedarwood, fill with carrier oil
For Adrenal Fatigue:
16 drops clove, 20 drops nutmeg, 28 drops rosemary, fill with carrier oil
Mood Boosting:
30 drops orange & 20 drops bergamot, fill with carrier oil
Quick Immune Booster:
30 drops frankincense & 15 drops lemon, fill with carrier oil
Nightly Acne Buster:
20 drops each of purification, lavender & frankincense, use a small amount of fractionated coconut oil, no need to necessarily fill this one!
 essential oil recipes
Ok, I could go on for days with recipes and pictures of recipes but I will stop here! Please contact me with any questions. You can do so through email, phone, text, facebook or by simply commenting below! Also, follow me on pinterest to see new recipes!

If you are ready to order your starter kit, click here!


21 thoughts on “Roller-ball Remedies”

  • Question??

    These all sound so great but I was just wondering where you roll them? Wrists? Feet? Temples?

    • It depends on what you need it for! For example, if I have a neck ache, I role it on my neck. If Im having anxiety, I roll it on my wrist and behind my ears. There are also yor vita flex points under your feet and believe it or not, they work great!

  • According to my research, the amount of drops you put in your roller bottles compared to the amount of carrier oil is substantially higher dilution than is recommended. So 85 drops of E.O. in 10 ml bottle is 42% dilution.

    • The dilution is really up to you! not diluting at all wont hurt you! Thats the great thing about put essential oils!

  • Are your roller-balls 5 or 10mL?

  • What carrier oil is best to use for these?

  • Looking at ADHD recipe. Can not find blend or single young living oil named serenity. Has the name changed?

  • Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  • I’ve been worrying about everything for about 7 months. I cant handle it anymore 15… is this anxiety or something else?

  • Could you recommend a rollerball recipe for head congestion? Thank you!

  • Hi:) what size of rollerball bottles you use for these recepies?

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