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Knitted Flat Circle

Knitted Flat Circle

knitted flat circle

I searched high and low for a pattern to knit a flat circle. After going into my local knitting store and being told to knit wedges I decided I needed to figure this out on my own. I needed a circle, not a hexagon. I like the wedge design for many things but I don’t like the points it makes around the edges. So I played and played and here it finally is!

The circle can be bigger or smaller by casting on more or less. Simply change each number in accordance to your original cast on number. Be sure its an even number and note that the original cast on creates your diameter!

For this size circle it takes very little yarn! I personally recommend buying yarn from Jo-Ann Fabric! They have awesome prices and a great selection. Be sure to get the App on your phone before buying, there is ALWAYS a coupon to use!

Abbreviations: K: Knit w&t: wrap and turn

 FREE Knitted Flat Circle Pattern

Cast on 10 sts – using the long tail method (more or less for bigger or smaller circles) this creates the diameter of the circle)

*K2, w&t and knit back

how to knit a flat circle

K4, w&t and knit back

K6, w&t and knit back

K8, w&t and knit back

K6, w&t and knit back

K4, w&t and knit back*

Repeat from * 4 more times.

K10 Bind off leaving long enough tail to sew up seam.

Using a tapestry or yarn needle, use the tail from the last stitch to stitch down to the center to close it.

That’s it, it’s a perfect circle!!!

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Click here for the PDF version of the knitted Flat Circle Pattern


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knitted flat circle

How To Knit A Flat Circle - Knitted Flat Circle Pattern
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How To Knit A Flat Circle - Knitted Flat Circle Pattern
Knitting a flat circle is easy! Check out my free pattern for a knitted flat circle! I love knitting shapes, they are quick and fun!
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