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Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaf

Bacon Wrapped Mini MeatloafTake the ultimate comfort food to a whole new level and make Bacon Wrapped mini Meatloaf for dinner. Whether you use the oven or the grill, you'll love it.

I found this recipe on Self Proclaim Foodie! Krissy, from Self Proclaimed Foodie, nailed this recipe! I wanted something with groundbeef that was brand new and nothing like I have cooked before. I saw this picture and knew I found just what I wanted. It was super easy and cheap!

The recipe calls for simple things like ground beef, crispy fried onions, onion, garlic, bread crumbs and eggs. The only thing I had to go out to buy was Worcestershire sauce, which happens to be a sauce I love! She also suggest Wright brand bacon. Usually when a recipe calls for a specific brand, I go for whatever is cheapest anyways, but I know that Wright brand bacon is seriously the best, crispiest bacon around so I followed her suggestion! Not to mention it has my last name on it, so it is kind of a must!

It took me about 5 minutes to mix up the beef with the other ingredients and shape the meat into equal sized disk. Then she explains how to make the sauce, which includes ketchup, brown sugar and spicy mustard….side note, I have a mustard phobia. Seriously, seeing a mustard bottle makes me nauseous! So, I did not use mustard and added some Worcestershire sauce instead and it worked out great! Then wrap them in bacon and top them with crispy fried onions…this was super simple! She even suggested covering your pan with aluminum foil for easy clean up…thank you Krissy because I hate cleaning up greasy pans!

I popped them in the oven for over an hour which gave me time to relax before making rice and green beans…this is a bonus, I get to tell my family I am cooking and relax while I’m doing it! Okay, the house was smelling amazing and the mini meatloafs were done. They came out looking exactly like the picture. I snapped a pictures with my cell phone and I promise they did not look all sick and yellow like they do in the picture I took!

I plated them ever so carefully and served a beautiful plate of dinner to my family!

My husbands first reaction….”Oh My God!” Then I took a bit and I could not believe the amount of flavor in each and every bite! I didnt use any salt in this recipe and it did not need it. Both of my kids, one who is extremely picky, LOVED this meal! I have eaten it for lunch twice now since we had some left overs and I swear it is even better the next day. This is a recipe that will become a constant in our family because it was AMAZING! Plus it was simple to make, cheap and clean up was easy!

Head over to Self proclaimed foodie for the full recipe and let me know what you think! I will be trying out many more of her recipes!


~Laura Wright







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